August 29th, 2008

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Another Fedora Test Day - recap

Another Fedora Test Day down. This time the two focus areas were ApplianceTools and BetterPrinting.

There was a really strong developer turn out for this Test Day.  In addition to David Huff, the appliance-tools developer, some of the oVirt team showed up to help walk through oVirt's use of appliance-tools. This was tremendously helpful to see how appliance-tools can be used by other projects. Thanks to Alan Pevec, Bryan Kearney and Darryl Pierce from the oVirt team for joining the event.  Having such a tight feedback loop with the developers during Test Days has been very helpful, I hope we can continue with that format.

This tool couldn't be simpler to use. The getting started instructions published on the wiki are concise, for example only a few commands are needed to build and run an appliance image ...
# Install the required packages
$ yum install appliance-tools livecd-tools qemu kvm

# Build an appliance image using the provided kickstart file
$ appliance-creator -n ThinCrust -c /usr/share/appliance-tools/aos-rawhide.ks --cache /var/tmp/act/

# Activate the appliance image
$ virt-image ThinCrust.xml

# Connect to new image's console
$ virt-viewer ThinCrust

Most of the day was spent talking through several oVirt use cases and exercising the instructions posted to the ApplianceTools test plan.  While a large list of bugs didn't fall out from this venture, it was very helpful to identify/discuss appliance-tools and oVirt use cases.

While ApplianceTools seemed to get most of the attention, some folks did manage to walk through the BetterPrinting test planTim Waugh asked for some help in exercising samba-shared printers with the latest gtk+ changes.  Fedora QA contributor Jason Taylor answered the call and was able to start shaking out some bugs.  If you have access to network shared printers, especially Samba, please take a moment to walk through the test plan.

Bug 460526 [RFE] add qcow support
Bug 460549 appliance-creator --logfile only works with -d
Bug 460540 SELinux error message on build
Bug 460531 Wrong output path given
Bug 460670 No Password Prompt for Unprivileged Printer Addition
Relevant bugs filed

Thanks for everyones help in contributing to another Fedora Test Day.  If you have a suggestion for a future topic, or some ideas to share, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Until then, stay tuned this week for another installment featuring Save to Bugzilla and Connection Sharing.