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Fedora 11 - is there anything left to test?

The release of Fedora 11 is just around the corner.  Hopefully by now you've taken a milestone (Alpha, Beta or Preview) for a test drive, maybe participated in a Test Day, contributed feedback to fedora-test-list@redhat.com, or filed a few bugs.  

At this stage of the release we are most interested in identifying the high and urgent severity defects.  If unsure, take a look at the current draft definitions of defect priority and severity.  These are issues when you look back, you might say, "geez, that was embarrasing" or my favorite, "does anyone test this?"  With 52 new features and roughly 7000 bugs filed against rawhide since January 2009, there will likely be quite a few of these issues.   But there is still time left to find them, smooth out the rough spots and document any remaining pain points.

Here's how you can help ...

For the adventurous, including folks with spare systems or hardware virtualization support ... 
  1. Give rawhide an install - the installer backend has gone through quite an overhaul.  There remain several conditions where installations can be rough, including when handling previous disk layouts.
  2. Find a match? - let us know what issues you encounter and what worked for you by updating the wiki.
Only have one system or a laptop for testing?
  1. Grab a recent live image (64 bit) - find instructions for using the live images here.
  2. Do what you normally do - listen to some ogg's, watch a few videos on youtube, chat with friends
  3. Re-run a F11 test day - test days focus on upcoming Fedora features and often include a batch of test cases available for execution.  It's easy to get started using a live image or an installed system.  Select a test day and run the test cases provided.
  4. Test drive a specific feature - each feature comes with several test guidelines.  Pick something that's near and dear to you and take it for a spin.
Have an issue? 
  1. Examine the common F11 bugs - This page is intended capture the most frequently reported defects/issues observed in Fedora 11.  Adam Williamson recently added more content and some clean-up to make future contributions easier.  If you experience a problem, check there first.  Don't see your issue on the page?
  2. Post to fedora-test-list@redhat.com - Share your findings.  If something doesn't look right, or behave as expected ... tell us.
  3. Instant gratification - Share your experiences with fellow users live on #fedora.
Happy testing!
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