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Test days are the new iPad, reserve yours today

Adam and I have jumped into a higher gear when it comes to mapping out test days for Fedora 13. Given the large number of features in Fedora 11 and 12, I was expecting a reprieve for Fedora 13.  While it's not the largest release in terms of the features, it's not the smallest either.
Unfortunately, there are only so many events the QA team can scope out for a release.  We need community input.  Not only for planning events, but also during execution.  A successful test day requires prep time, and a presence during the event to help triage issues and remove obstacles.  If either is lacking, the event is guaranteed to be forgotten.

So, if there is a feature or focus area you'd like to see test day coverage for during Fedora 13 ... please let the QA team know.  Proposing a test day is pretty straight forward, for details check out the wiki.  Also, take a look at current test day calendar for a list of scheduled events.

For convenience, you can propose a test day using the form below (FAS login required):

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